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  1. Hello all im new to the website and first of all i have to say that it has already helped me out a lot, im pretty much just gonna post new pics i get of my 7 babies probably about twice a weekso if ur interested just suscribe and all tips/info/advice would be greeeat and also i was looking for some feed back. i know they are short but its my first grow and i was pinching a little too much but im content with the splits for now just want them to grow tall and stinkay they are a little older than 2 months. im not sure of the strain but it was def some high grade. one of the best smokes ive had and the shit was infested with seeds lulz so hopefully a purebread will be even better
  2. not all the pics are great but most are decent
  3. you guessed it more oh yea there is 7 plants total. 3 are in great shape from the looks of it and another is decent the other 3 1 is a dwarf and the other 2 for some reason kinda went dormant for about 30 days but its gotten a lot better recently
  4. thats all the pics so far lemme know if you think there is anything i can do that will increase the health/yield of the babes and also how does it look for a first grow?
  5. anyone know any good nutes i could find at a lowes or home depot i dont wanna order online and was wondering if anyone had a preferences or opinions on any of them
  6. hey dude they do look rather small for 2 months (no offence), can u give more details on ur soil/nutes & lighting(watts etc)

    also how often are you watering them? they look over watered(thats the drooping) they need to have their soil dry out a good amount between waterings

    ps lowes & home depot dont really have anything good for ur plants all they sell is the all purpose crap, u could prob use it but dont expect to much from ur girls

    hope thats some help dude, il post more if i think of any thing lol

    overall they look ok,
  7. Shit dude! i noticed u got more than 1 plant in some pots right? you need to get them in their own pots 1 plant per pot, as they will kill each other off by the roots growing entangled & will be inseperable, plus they will also fight for light/soil & nutes!, & another thing is if ur using just regular seeds ur gonna to have problems if 1 turns out male & 1 female in the same pot
  8. not lookin too bad, you def ned seperate pots for each plant. post so more info so people can help- i.e. soil/nutes/lights you are using etc.
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    i just got 4 75watt cfl lights and we have 2 20 watt 5k flourscent tubes. i have some concetrated organic rabbit fertilizer and i was thinking of diluting it as i water them. the 3 plants in the same pot was because they were the smallest of our sprouts. we have limited space so decided to sacrifice 3 plants to one pot to help save space for the others. they were just recently transplanted into the same pot so i know thats not y there small. my main focus is our 4 others.

    well probly have more pics within a couple hours with our new light setup..

    reallly appreciate the help so far
  10. Not bad Curtis, I would suggest that you get a fan blowing over them soon, the stem looks real thin. Once you get the fan in there it should beef it up.
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    ok so since i installed the new lights im pretty sure i found my largest prob. the old lights i had in their just wasnt enough power and energy for all the plants. the 4 new cfls compared to the tubes i had in there is honestly probably 4x more energy, and i liked how healthy it made them look off of spectrum alone so i went and bought 2 more cfls. the 2 new ones are 100w and are directly above my plants buti put it higher than the other lights hoping my plants will wanna jump to the stronger light. just after seeing all the new lights in there really boosted my confidence that my plants are going to go crazy because they have been growing strong under low lumens and now with adequate light i feel more comfortable spending a little more than i intended.

    also i have a question: any reviews on using concentrated *rabbit* shit? i have some mixed up already but i wanted see if anyone here has used it and if it is helped/hurt or even effected the plant as good as other ferts.
  12. im going to take some pix right now ill brb gollilah(my fav aka birthmark) honestly looks like its grown half an inch and it hasnt even been on for 12 full hours yet. was wondering if underwatering will cause wilted leaves also?
  13. the birthmark is from when it was it got its first set and got burned by old light just used basically for germination. its still my fav though
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    2 plants have a set of stems a tthe top that have started to turn red. one is pretty red and the other is spotty but more red everyday. i have some pics. you can see the red in some of the pics, the fourth picture shows a lot of new leaf growth coming in with the help of my new lights, also it has the red stem at the top. the 6th pic is of the largest plant but it isnt showing any signs of red. i hope it isnt a disease or something lemme know what you all think and if the red is bad
  15. hey, couldnt see the red ur on about dude, but it dont sound to good, the stems commonly turn purple with alot of plants

    1 thing i will say tho is it looks like your continusly overwatering ur plants, as in all the pics you've posted show all ur plants to be overwatered, right from the first pics(im not hating lol), this may be causing ur problems, but cant say for sure, all the drooping in ur plants is from overwatering dude
  16. if you look in pic 3 you can see how its a reddish tint at the top stems before the new set. i heard that it can come from cold temps though. also in pic 4 the stem at the top on the right is turning more red. as far as over watering. i watered them yesterday for the first time in over a week. i allowed them to dry up a lot becuase i suspected over watering. i spray them everyday on the leaves with water. could this be causing the leaves to droop becuase i really dont think im putting too much water into the soil.
  17. yea cooler temps(not cold!) can cause the buds & stems to turn 'purple' as many like to try to do this, but never read/heard of it making plants red, although if the leaves start to turn purple this 'can' be the sign of a problem

    that drooping is quite bad & if its not from overwatering, then im not sure, but would be more concerned as im sure misting wouldnt cause them to droop like that, also theres no need to be misting plants that are growing fine, alot of growers only mist(foiler feed) when they have nute deficencys,

    you could try stopping with the misting & see if they improve, hopefully they will as overwatering is easy to sort lol

    but either way you need to check ur soil PH asap, also what soil are you using? what nutes if any & how much & how often, what water are you using?
  18. honestly i dont know the brand of soil i have but i was looking at all of my options as the store and it just seemed the best of what they had. i just started giving them consentrated rabbit fert and my water is tap water. water should be fine though because its from my friends house where he has grown before. i was using miracle grow for about 2 weeks until i found out it was bad then stopped use. im gonna stop misting. i did it A LOT, i thought it was necessary cuz my leaves always feel a little crispy. i need to check my soil pH still but right when i started growing these my job got really slow so i dont have any more money really to dump into these things at this moment in time.
  19. fox farm oceans forest for soil.
    fox farm tiger bloom works good.. therees alot bro look in the absoulte begginers part of the site and im sure youll find what your looking for
  20. yea tap water is ok, i use it, only thing is tap water needs to be left out uncovered(like in a buket) for atleast 24 hours before using it to let all the crap like chlorine to evaporate, have you been doing this? also i dont know about the concentrated rabbit fert but id go easy on it as it says concentrated, & also ur plants dont look to 'hungry' so carefull not to burn them, it wont take much of that stuff & we rarely use the full/recommended doses, usually go with half or less of what the bottle says to use

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