Hello kitty??

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  1. hey everyone, 
    I was wondering if anyone knows where i can
    get a nice looking hello kitty piece for my lady. 
    Could someone PLEASE help me. lol

  2. I've seen cheap spoons and stuff like that with hello kitty design at my lhs but the only nice hello kitty stuff I've seen is the saki bomb stuff...it's pricey.  The stuff I've seen from her is slides/jar sets.  She blows glass out of SoCal, I think so there's probably a better chance of you finding that stuff if you're near there.
    I think she also has a facebook so maybe you can find an online retailer of her stuff.
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------

    Hello Kitty! Glass Water/Ice Hookah/Bong with Extra Pink Bowl!! | eBay
    This says it comes with an extra pink bowl.

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