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    Just wanted to say Hi! Ha ha . I just realized the pun on the word Hi.

    Anyway, I never thought I' be posting here as when I was younger, I thought any drugs were for the weak minded.

    Now that I'm older my philosophy is to each, his own. And, I have chronic pain that is debilitating. Think of that word, debilitating. That means it's very difficult to even move or walk, or get up out of be in the morning and do anything w/o severe pain. Pain so much it makes me literally scream out loud to god, if there is one, to help me. I say "Fuck! Fucking help me. Im in so much pain". "What did I do to deserve this"?

    These are the things that go through your mind when a pain attack happens.

    I literally am in so much pain I cannot move, or in reality have a hard time moving.

    Anyway, I'm sure that in an emergency I can get up and boogie if there's and earthquake or intruder, but that's a temporary state of affairs.

    I can't just grin and bear it on a regular basis. I can put on a good face temporarily though.

    So, I began medical MJ use so I'm not on Vicodin, Soma and Ultram so much.

    I understand now, why people use and don't make judgements.

    So, I bought a Hot Box Vapors, vaporizor and got a script for medical MJ.

    No one knows. I just keep it to myself. I'm a working professional and don't ever let this get in the way of my performance of duties. When at work, I just take both Tylenol and Motrin by the fist full and just bear the pain.

    Thanks all for listening.
  2. glad to hear maryjane is helping you
  3. :hello:Welcome, i hope you enjoy the city as much as the rest of us!!
  4. im new too im glad its taking some of the pain away smoke away bro
  5. Thanks for the good sentiments.

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