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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Glimmer40, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. I'm a cool hippie chick & I live at the beach on the WA coast & life is good! Lookin to meet some cool people! I've never really posted on a board, so be gentle with me! I've read the boards & finally got up the nerve to register today! Hee hee!
  2. High! welcome to the city :D
  3. Welcome to stoners paradise.. Come on in, sit down , realx, and enjoy yourself!
  4. Welcome to the city!!
  5. gentle? but of course! awesome, another beach junkie! so did anyone tell you that you just joined the best board on the web? yuppers. :) welcome to the city!
  6. Thanks for the nice welcome! So, is there a chat on here? Or do we just meet people like this? Leaving notes like? LOL! Well I'm beat....I just spent 5 hrs in the ER w/my sweet mama. I care for her. She's got a bad heart & many med problems, but she sweet & adorable so I'm lucky! OK as you can tell it's late.... but I love to blab! Hee hee!

  7. Goodness, I hope your mother is ok! Send her some good karma from me :)

    No, we don't have an official chat...but most of us prefer it this way anyway...gives you more time to think of responses :D

  8. Make that two of us ;) & Welcome To The City...Enjoy
  9. Mom had to be admitted on Monday, she's got a bad heart :( She's got low sodium which is causing her confusion. Yesterday she was so out of it! I'm like....."can I get what she's on?" I just try to breathe & load the bowl LOL! Feels wierd talking bout "herb"...so cool to meet herb friendly people! My friggin ex always nagged me about it! All he did was cut me down! WEll......I'm free of his bullshit crap! Yipee! I was w/him 17 fucking yrs & he cheats? Go figure? Guess he couldn't handle a strong opinionated gal! So he's ass out! OK gals.....you gotta give me some tips on the single scene LOL! I haven't been single in 17yrs! I wanna meet a TALL, cool....herb friendly man! HA HA! OK I'm blabbing.....
    Say prayers for mama, she's my sweetie :)
  10. YHes, good karma to your mother. And a big welcome to you for finding this great city. Load a bowl and enjoy our little community. :)

  11. definetly send some good karma to your mom from me, i know what u are going threw and it really sucks. i lost my mom to cancer a lil while back. Stay strong and never lose faith.

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