Hello....im new here.

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  1. Hey grassity you got a new member!. wel umm..basically just going to introduce myself here i have been smoking this magical flower for about a year or more now. im not sur what the government or.. whoever has any kind of problem with it.. because it really makes you feel good you know? i havent felt any side effects like nausua or internal bleeding you know like some of those commercials i see on tv. but those drugs are legal!! i have feeling tho.. ya know like everyone will open their eyes and legalize it and after that. i dont know give it a year or two and we will finally attain world peace. i bet ghandi smoked this shit. jesus too. thats why they are so cool andd people remember them.

    that is my view on marijuana right now. oh yea i forgot two mention im high on i think more than 3 or 4 bowls from my bong and vaporizer........i just checked its 1: 45 AM im goin to bed this is my first post on grassity!! it feels good to talk about this shit. ill post pics of my bong and vape if i can later......... btw all you need is peace and love. remember that. oh yea. and just a little bit of weed.:smoking:

    hey if you have any comments or opinions... share em i want some feedback
  2. Haha funny shit about Ghandi and Jesus smoking, welcome, and Ive never tried a vaporizer, how is it?

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