Hello, I'm new here.

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    I came from the "other place" after realizing it was full of hostile brain dead cuckolds like UncleCuck attacking everyone because they're White while unironically calling everything racist. Hopefully this place isn't similar.. Just wanted to say hi and hopefully meet some decent people here. Thank you! :passing-joint:
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  2. Hi :wave:

    You'll find decent people here that's for sure.
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  3. Welcome, I like to hang with decent folks too. :GettingStoned:
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  4. :)

    Thanks guys, I'm still new to growing but the people on these forums are very knowledgeable. I appreciate all the information. I'll post some pictures soon, I've definitely made a few mistakes but it's been a learning experience.
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  5. Welcome to the forum lot of good knowledgeable folks around here and a lot of great info.
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  6. Welcome in @Myth

    We try and keep the politics down in the appropriate section. Keeps the grow threads nice and clean and to the point for the most part.

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  7. Thank you. That's a good thing, this site already seems to be significantly better. Even the emojis are better. :weed:

    EDIT: Now I just need to learn how to quote someone properly. Lol. :blush:
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  8. I just use the reply. I don’t guess I’m doing it properly either.
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  9. You're right, that does work. I was hitting the quote button. Thank you!
  10. I think the main advantage of the quote option is if you want to quote multiple things into one reply. Otherwise i think the reply option gets job done
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  11. like this
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