Hello! I'm new here and I have some questions!

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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to this sort of thing and I just want some basic info on a few things I've been thinking about for awhile and would like some good wholesome advice! I've been thinking of moving to colorado for about 3 years now but I don't know anyone that lives there and I don't know where I would even start. I don't mind where I would settle, it for sure doesn't have to be Denver just someplace nice. I'm still saving up so when I actually move its probably gonna be another year or two from now. I already looked up price of living and all that so I know it'll be expensive but I budget like a boss so I'm not too worried about it I'm good with money and I don't need much to live happily. I feel like this has gone on waaay too long so just give me some feedback so I can develop a better game plan for my future.
  2. I lived in Avon/Vail for about 5 years. It was very nice, though getting out of the mountains in the winter was a challenge. About 1 hour from Denver and at that height there were very few bugs.

    Lots of work there too as it's a tourist spot. But still a small town feel.

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  3. Thank you so much! Ill look into this area it sounds lovely!

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