Hello im Jacob from Kansas!

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    Hello:wave: my name is Jacob and i live in kansas and i am new to grasscity.com obviously..haha...uum ive been smoking pot for a couple of months now (like 5 or 6 months...) so i gess u could call me a "newb":confused_2: but im really not at least i dont think i am i like to see pictures of other peoples strains of weed and there glass (bongs, pipes, bubblers etc.) so if u have pics u would like to show me i would love to llook at them haha and uumm if u wanna talk to me u can contact me through AiM (Aol Instant Messanger) u can add me by jayk3412 so thats pretty much all i have to say and thank you very much for having me in the grasscity community!!:hello: I have a question also waht does it mean at the bottom of a new thread yer making to add tags it says "You may add 10 tag(s) to this thread" what does that mean? :confused: K thankyou all!!
  2. Welcome to grasscity I'm also in Kansas. Enjoy the site.
  3. haha thanks and so wat part of kansas r u in? im in Johnson county, but i live in Shawnee about 4 to 7 miles from the Plaza or a little more lol idk...

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