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Hello I have an appointment with Medicann next week!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by EawkAta, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, it's my first time to post here.

    I have an appointment coming up at Medicann next week, has anyone gotten any experiences with the place? Are they strict like tight assholes in a fiddle of sticks?

    It's 135 dollars for the evaluations which is not refundable, total boner if I get denied.

    I have paperwork for headaches, insomnia, and anxiety and have had prescription for depression years ago, not much current ones though.

    What are my chances of getting a rec?

  2. You'll be fine!!! I fucked with MEdicann too when they charged $90 per consultation and not $135! I got in for my asthma that's it!
  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is it really that easy????

    Has anyone done it without documentation, or with anxiety/depression at Medicann? :eek:

  4. I had no documentation but i talked to the doctor straight up, for at least 10 minutes. It would have been hard to have lied, i probably couldnt do it. Cause theres alot of talking about the history of the medical problem, Where if you were lying you would really be heartless a bit to keep lying to this nice doctor's face.

    Looking back at how i looked when i went there back then, im suprised i was approved just because i had really long hair and kind of looked like a hippie that could be lying.

    Im not sure if they would give it to anyone without documentation or only those they trust.
    If you have documentation, im sure ull get approved.
  5. Alright it's settle, I'll walk in with a boner.

    Thanks everyone!
  6. Yes I used Medicann with no paperwork..............I slammed my head into a wall by accident when I was younger, 3 or 4 maybe, and I've had bad headaches up until high school. Went away until I started working at a grocery store, and the constant beeps brought my headache back. I didn't have any paperwork, but I did show him the scar, and I explained because it had happened so long ago, I don't know where to look to obtain anything written on paper. I'm sure they could have looked up my records themselves however.
  7. Head injuries will almost always work. All you need to show is a fat scar, and they'll sign your rec. right away.

    Since you have all your paperwork, I think you should be fine. Just be open and honest to the doctor about your problems and how marijuana has helped alleviate them.
  8. damn, I wish I did :(

    ..if I lived in CA I'd get a card in a heartbeat (cancer's a shoo-in)

    this state's still getting used to alcohol being legal! :mad:
  9. Are you in Utah? :eek: Cancer?:eek::eek:

    As Arnold would say, " Come To California, where we grow our buds year round!"

    Medicann is not going to back you up in a court challenge, most likely, and they are considered on the cuff of being too lenient on recommendations, in the opinion of many of the other Canna-docs in Cali. That is all I will say, it may be worth it to spend a few more dollars on a Dr., that will back you up in a legal tightspot, that's all. Medi-cann is like the Wal-Mart of Cannadocs, you get a little less, when you spend a little less.

    Best of luck!
  10. #10 noober, Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2008

    Your Doctor's recommendation is all you need. Once you produce that LEO won't waste time talking to the Doctor. They won't build their case around a MMJ issue if you're complying with State and Local MMJ laws.

    If the FEDs have busted you then you did something really big to warrant their time and effort to pursue you in a court of law. They're not after the average, compliant, MMJ patient. They won't need the Doctor's testimony to convict you, and in turn it won't save you either.

  11. This is very true,and if you have solid med. records you wont need them at all in court which would never happen if you stay within the recomendation/state laws.
  12. Warning: Medicann doesn't back you up in court, and dodge all supoenas. If you wish to have a doc back you up, in an emergency, I'd look for a doc who does.
    Having medical paperwork to back up your claims goes a long way, too.
  13. If you have a rec. and stay within the law LE will have no reason to do a thing except inspect at the most,if they do more than that they will usually have something else to warrant it.Id suggest keeping a copy of your med records in the grow room with the recomendation,in any bust the LE in charge makes the final call and a rec. with your records(if obviously valid)will surly make them think before charging you with anything.
  14. The doctor I went to gave me two original copies of my rec. One stays in the grow room and the other travels with me to the dispensary. Don't leave home without it.

    Once you register with a dispensary and they know your face they won't ask for it anymore but you need to have it with you incase you get stopped on the way back home with your meds.
  15. Good point BUT,once you start your own growing those dispenceries will be far and few between,my buds are right at their best strains after my curing,never could find out any info on their cure time,the lady owner was more than ambiguous about that info(like it was classified to protect their growers)i left nearly laughing how stupid it was and vowed never to return to give her my buisness again.
  16. Can't wait to smoke properly dried and cured bud.

    It's real hit and miss at the local shops. Most of the time it isn't dry enough to smoke. Growers offload it too early (because it weighs more wet) and the dispensaries can't buy it up fast enough.
  17. I have an appointment with Medicann this weekend, and I have pretty legit documentation so it sounds like approval will be no problem.

    My question is, what happens at these appointments? you provide documentation, they give you a rec letter? then what? the phone operator mentioned a card being mailed to you. do you have to wait to receive this card before you can register w/ a dispensary and ultimately get some medical bud?
  18. You go to their medical office. Fill out a bunch of paperwork. Talk to the doctor and explain why you need MMJ. Once approved, they'll sign off the rec letter for you. The rec letter and your California ID is all you need to get into the dispensaries. The card is just another form of ID, I guess.
  19. You really should have any problems when you get there. I've been a member there almost a year. Just so long as you have your current paper work and it's legit, it's super easy. I went in and brought my prescription for Hypertension. I also have lower back aches and tendinitis in my left hand. The Dr. looked at my prescriptions and issued me my paperwork and I was out of there in 20-25 minutes tops. I wish they would hurry up and the online store up and running. I hate driving to the city. Good luck.
  20. Good call on the local places not waiting for the buds to dry. I've had that experiance at the Green Door in the city.

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