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  1. I'm Mudballs, claimed my name and avatar on many forums for brand security should i ever become somebody in this game.
    I see you have a politics forum so you won't see me here at all really. You can have your opinions it's a free world, but you're not free to impose your opinions on my screen. i grow weed, not contemplate the evils of my fellow man. lol but hey whatever floats your boat.
    I've been banned from Overgrow, Rollitup, THCFarmer, Mr.Nice forums (pft shanti cool, musashi suck me) so let's see whos' real and whose not on this show. I hang out on beanbasement mostly cuz capulator doesn't moderate with a heavy hand..that is the inner circle.
    I know how to circumvent the bans but that's not something we need to worry about, right? im just a guy that doesn't like rules...like the rule that states i can't grow.
    im an outdoor grower mostly thats way into breeding at the moment and not mass cultivation. Seen a boatload of weird growing these plants and still don't know it all....just count me as someone as interested as you...but leave out the politics. I like heady topics and science, so if i chime in please know it is an earnest attempt to connect with other science minded individuals discussing a topic that caught my interest. Providing just 2 images as spamming my resume isn't something i do.
    see you around
    4559943_grow-journal-by-mudballs.jpg 5050324_grow-journal-by-mudballscustomforum-cookies.jpg
  2. Pretty nice plants buddy, keep going)
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