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  1. Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself. Have received much useful information from the site over
    the years regarding everything from usage and growing, to living a healthier life and staying away from law enforcement officials. I love cannabis probably more
    than anything ever in the world, it is my favourite pastime by far, way far. Also enjoy using other drugs. If you were to build a little Wheel, similar to the Wheel
    of Fortune, and instead of money on the labels, put drug names, chances are you couldn't spin the thing and find something I don't like, but the lady is my fave all day. Hope to make loads of new friends, and learn tons of new things. Any questions? Ask. May your future be bright, enjoy your flight; on Mother Earth Airlines (lol).
  2. Welcome to the lawn of GrassCity, you are one more blade now :smoking:
    one bit of advice , stay away from talking about banned substances in the future.
    have fun
  3. welcome dude!

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