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Hello hello......

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KemHaze, May 12, 2006.

  1. Just like to introduce myself quick, how much of an introduction it is, meh, would like to remain somewhat vague at this pont. Anywho, being a new user (not new to the "scene") and considering myself to be in the "know", just wondered in which direction I can be pointed regarding site security issues eg) IP address logging, info shared (doubt it is) As Im sure, many people here are aware of recent happenings in the Community relating to OVERGROW forums, RC, and the unfortunate persicusion they now face.
    The first post I read was on the matter of restricting access to registration, which obviously has not happend yet, which is pleasing. It is apparent that the back-lash from the recent unfortuante events are wide-spread.
    We must, as a community, go a bit against the grain and contradict our predisposed "easy-going, fun-loving, bud smoking nature" and be vigilant. LEA, LEO, spook's, whatever u wanna call them are abundant during these tough times. But the meek shall inherir the earth a wise man once said.
    Again, just saying hello to my fellow gureilla gardeners, freedom fighters, heads, and beautiful people.

    P.S - thanx for not closing registration :smoke:
  2. hello welcome to the city
  3. Welcome to the city bro , hope you enjoi the climate. JOE>:D

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