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  1. Hello all, looks like a nice clean, safe forum, i have been lurking for a few weeks doing some serious reading.
    Well finally the divorce is official, time to start some growing~!
    Many years ago i use to grow my own weed, nothing fancy really, i knew of hidden spring about a 2mile walk in the woods and use to just throw handfulls of seeds near the springs edge, come back 4 months later and be surrounded by a SOG~!
    This is kind of why i am so surprised to see all these new advanced grow methods.
    I am not exaggerating by any means when i tell you i use to yield about 30 pounds of weed by just throwing some seeds to the ground, nothing more, nature and the spring took over from there.
    I also use to get some nice hash from all the leafs!
    I am in the process of making the calculations and materials required for my new Aeroponic/Bubbleponic system, the thread can be located here..
    Anyway glad to be a part of the forum, and am looking forward to trying some advanced growing. With all the information here i feel as though it should go pretty easy!
  2. Welcome to the City. You'll find it a good resource and a generally friendly place.
  3. hello, looking forward to seeing your work

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