Hello? Hasnt ANYONE here been to hempfest??

Discussion in 'General' started by _Salty_, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Im going this summer and was wondering if you can smoke in the festival, I wanna know please :poke:

    the festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. At least one of those people has to be a member here. :3
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes there will be smoking at Hempfest
  3. haha well I know there will be smoking, but will it be allowed? I dont wanna have to go to my car or hide somewhere. if I wanna smoke a bowl, Ill just pull out my piece and do it.

    damn, maybe Ill even bring my bong. I would do it
  4. Generally speaking, those kinds of events are so big that the cops can't really be bothered with making arrests for possession and smoking. I just wouldn't try to buy or sell anything while you're there.
  5. good thinkin, I cant wait
  6. I have a sneaking suspicion that this file is not what you say it is....

    To the OP, festivals are usually a safe place to toke, but people getting arrested for having/smoking weed at festivals is not unheard of
  7. you can smoke all you want just dont get caught buying or selling last year i was rolling joints for all my friends and 3 cops walked by and just looked at me :smoking::smoking: hempfest is the best.
  8. Is hempfest in portland?
  9. _Salty_ :p
  10. Never been, but some friends of mine have. I thought it already happened like a month or so ago? You're talking about the Ann Arbor Hempfest, right? There will be plenty smoking, just don't do anything else out of the ordinary. I've heard that the police patrol to make sure things don't get out of hand, but you shouldn't run into any trouble just for smoking.

    if youre talking about the one in Seattle than hell yeah, you can smoke. my friends and i last year litteraly smoked a blunt right next to three cops and non of them said a thing.. and like someone already said there are sooo many people there that hippies lightn up are the least of their worries.. so get ready for some aswome munchies there, good music, and all the smoke accesories you can think of, its aswome:hello:

  12. I would say that if its the hemp fest im thinking about it may not be appreciated. Hemp fest is supposed to be a way to make the government and public alike realize that marijuana is good for more then smoking and it can also be used for products like sneakers and pocketbooks. sooo smoking it would be like a slap in the face to those trying to make a point....

    That just a thought.. maybe make some edibles.. Firecrackers?
  13. I havent been there even though i live like 20 miles from seattle for various reasons every year, but I do know that you can smoke right in front of cops there.

  14. This is a quality post! (and so is mine :smoking:)
  15. if you have a backpack they the bag at the door

    but most of the volunteers will pretend not to see that bong

    as for smoking inside go for it the cops cant do anything about it to many people are doing it
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    yes you can smoke there.. there are police officers on horses.. but they don't mind. just dont get caught buyin/sellin like someone said haha everyone has a great time there tho. i bought a triple perc bong from a local glass artist there last year for pretty cheap too. theres a sale on the last day of the festival (sunday?). can't wait for this year!!
  17. no, Im talking about the seattle hempfest. yeah they have a little bit about hemp products but the whole festival is about smoking pot, from what iread on their website
  18. heh....yeh?
  19. Seattle. yorue in ptown eh? nice

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