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Hello Growers.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Pothead Pete, Jun 25, 2003.


How do I get all my clones to survive?

  1. Razor Blades?

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  2. Cloning gel or powder?

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  3. Should I water or just mist clones under dome?

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  4. Are 2 litre bottles big enough?

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  1. Hello everyone. this is my first post. I am from Canada and have a legal exemption to both grow and posess my own Marijuana. I am currently growing my third crop of 2 plants under 12\12. I turned off the lights June 13 and rooted out 4 males today. In approximately 6 to 8 more weeks I will harvest and move approximately 16 plants from seed under 8 40 watt fluoro's. Hopefully I get 8 females. My flowering station is kind of small(400 watt metal halide). I have also been using a 120 watt gro bulb, just hoping to get a little bit more of a red spectrum. I also use oscillating fans in both the veggie and flowering chambers. The flowering chamber is set on a timer for 12/12 which makes it easier to control. I am using small containers, 2 litre bottles, and like that I seem to get a huge cola to grow on each plant. I am using straight pro mix and use Schultz daily 10-15-10. Also once every 2 weeks in veggie growth I use Schultz 10-52-10. Just before I flower I switch to Schultz 15-30-15.It broke my heart to kick out the boys but soon I will have an abundance of lovely ladies. I have tried to clone without much success. Any improvements or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hey welcome to the site......allways good to see more growers joining.......as for suggestions........use the 10-52-10 for the entire flowering process, and see if it helps you.........Peace out.......Sid

    ps did you say you grow in 2litre bottles?......if so, get them in a 3 gallon pot at least, it will give the roots more room....= more buds...........
  3. Does or has anyone out there grown plants on their window cill? Did you get caught?
  4. Yes you shouldn't take the chance . Where are you located? Buy a 4 foot 2 tube fluorescent , use 1 cool white bulb and 1 warm white bulb. The price isn't much and you are way more safer.

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