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hello grasscity

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gravychic, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. hey peoples hows it going, im new to this site, just wanted to pop in and say a big hello to u all

    im gravy, im 21, female, and i live in Australia, i enjoy playing guitar, aquariums, weed, sports, chat and having lots of fun! i visit OG alot too so maybe some of u know me from there...

    neways hopefully ill c u guys around!
  2. Allo luv, lol - fancy meeting you here in a place like this. :D

    Beautiful day Graves, today is the longest day of the year for us here in the southern sphere...

    Welcome babe.
  3. Welcum Welcum Gravy...

    Cum 2 plaaaaaay? lol

    Dudes... these chicks are HOT... like tssss hot!

    Nice 2 C-ya 2.

    Den Activist
  4. LOL hehe yeah salts!

    *puts on her best fancy english accent*

    "Fancy seeing u here as well love! i would of never imagined it in a hundred years!! what HAVE u been up to? Hows Barry?"

    and dont get me all excited Den with the cute boys and girls talk, u know what im like!!
  5. hey critter!

    im a victorian girl too, metropolitan tho... by the way i just had to add...


    and umm i havnt left OG, i still visit it frequently (my fave site) just broadening my horizons so to speak... dammit i cant spell!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  6. hey gravy hows it goin and welcome!

    australia is the best! adelaide is where i be

    merry chistmas !!!
  7. HIGH All, welcome bladies of OG. Have a great stay gravychic I'm pretty sure you bladies will find alot of fun here.
  8. Welcome to our City, enjoy it!

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