Hello GRASSCITY, Rookey Hydro Grower having FUN

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by retired?, May 29, 2004.

  1. Im new to this site and to indoor growing.

    This is the first time at growing ( bag seed) want to get the basics down befor trying a real strain.

    I'v been reading up on Hydro growing and systems and maintenance for 6 mo. now. I think its fairly simple: water, growing medium, PH., nutrients, pumps, lights and timers.

    Just to be up frount from the getgo.
    I only Grow and my wife smokes, Its all the building and tweeking of the grow room that I have fun with. I'v been sober for 5 years next month. I was that stupid falldown drunk and when stoned I coulden't rember to think, I'm sure you've see them at partys.
    >But I feel much better now< and my wife sleeps with me again BIG +.

    I'v got 2 projects gowing right now.
    A single plant grow Hydro Room 3x3x7 and working on a 300w HPS refrigerator foggerponic grow for 15 cloans.

    Oh and this is all in my bedroom in my apartment. Activated carbon filtration R&D has been fruitfull, and inexpensive.

    I'v been in the maintenance/construction field for 25 years.
    I love tearing things apart and putting it back together. Guess thats Y I'm having so much fun with Hydro. Requires More maintenance. Theres nothing like putting a collage edjumication in Building Opperations to work in a small place.

    Any way I,ll start a journal on both projects so you can follow along with this rockey grower. In a few days I just moved I have to put it All back together tomarrow.
  2. HIGH All, welcome to the Cityretired?.....can't wait to your ladies...glad the wife's sleeping with you again *LOL*..read that and it made my morning "Thanks".
  3. welcome to the city, its always great to have another grower on board. :)

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