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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by luckyl3p7o, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hey there all been a veteran toker for years now, but was just thinking about getting into growing indoors. Iv decided to make this beautiful city my home, gathering all kinds of wonderful information. I must admit i do have my own paranoid doubts about publishing my antics. Anyone have any piece of mind?
  2. you're in the right place, welcome to the city!
  3. thnx alot man
  4. I love the way he says you're in the right place.......But it's true. Welcome
  5. haha well it does seem that way ... just not so used to it being so freely expressed .... i love it
  6. Hello! I have joined these forums for a similar purpose. As long as you don't choose to reveal your specific location you should be just fine. Are you thinking about doing a blog or some such activity? I'm going to be asking a lot of questions here so am thinking about a way of giving back somehow at the same time to even things out.

    Anyhow welcome to the forums and good luck with the cultivation.

  7. thnx and yea i wanna kinda start a journal now but i dont really have anything set up yet still learning. i dont wanna flood the forums but i would like some advice specifically to my situation. i wanna make sure i have enough figured out that if something happens i already have some ideas of how to fix it.
  8. welcome and enjoy the city....lots of growers here....good info available
    I have grown for years and still learned a ton of new ideas
    I admire and enjoy all the photos of peoples set-ups but I don't post my own because I am a convicted drug felon (for growing weed) who still grows for a living. I have not heard of city members who's photos/posts have been used against them in a court of law.....so what ever rocks your boat

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