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  1. From the "Deep South" to everyone out here, wow is it hot outside or what? The humidity here is bottoming out at 70%.
    I just got another tent and another light. I saw a Mars TS1000 on Amazon and for some reason it just had my interest. I liked the size of it and thought it would better cover a whole plant than my purple lights that seem to be about 12-13" X 8 or so inches. One of my 4 plants seems a bit behind compared to the other 3 and I replaced the Vander "1500" with a bloom switch pulling about 200 watts with the TS1000W. Wow, it is a very bright light. More of a white, but just bright as can be. I have 8 lights on 4 plants. I have 200 watts from the wall on top of each plant and each plant has a 600w led each pulling about 100 watts as auxiliary side lighting.
    I'm a bit of a romantic and I look at each plant as a separate grow and I am just knocked out by this single GSC I have. My plants were gift clones from a very dear friend. Two are sisters and one is supposedly Kashmir. I have pruned and fimmed, defoliated and I'm pretty stoked about the next 4-5 weeks.
    I ordered some seeds about a week ago from "the lowlands" and I got more GSC and Somango XXL. I was influenced by the short squatty nature of the SomangoXXL. Do any of you have experience with it?
    Anyway, I just got out of the hospital because of a stomach infection, so I'm feeling like conversation. I don't care what country you are in, I would love to hear from you.
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  2. Welcome to g.c . All the way from Canada.
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  4. Yupp I love the indica but I also do 1 sativa a crop I'm doing a hashplant one now 20190814_133754.jpg
  5. OMG, I wish I could be that open!
  6. Ya it's legal here for recreational use we can grow 4 plants per household there everywhere it's like Amsterdam lol.
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