Hello From TN!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by NickieKnax, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I'm new to GC! I smoke everyday in TN. :)
    I want to grow indoors, but I'm new to growing anything really. Help?:wave:

    Happy Smoking!:smoke:
  2. hey NickieKnax:wave:
    welcome to GC
  3. Thanks :)
    So, what's fun to do on here?
  4. Whats good! I just moved to TN myself and recently joined the site. Welcome :wave: What part of TN you in?
  5. East Part. What about you?? it's pretty isn't it?
  6. Its ok. Sucks not to know a single damn person =/ Im around the Nashville area.
  7. Danggg. that's about 2hours from myself. haha. Sucks...
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    oh snap, both of yall are from tn? good afternoon you better yeah with the yeah, and i aint talking about yeah. :D
  9. haha yeah. crazzzy. <3 it here though. I'm bout to toke up!
  10. Yeah yeah CHEA boy haha. :smoke:

  11. muahahahahaha. :)
  12. Heeeeelll yea reppin NW TN born and raised!
    Smokin that dro i get 10 a g from my boy evrrry day.

    How do you like it here lol?
    Personally i think it is beautiful country...you should just wake up at like 7 am, toke your usual morning amnt and be amazed by the...idk how to explain it that good ol Tn aura like thinkin bout the indians that lived where i was tokin just like 200 years ago and like stuff like taht.
    I'm stoned now dont judge me
  13. haha Yes!! someone else gets it!! I love the way the air smells and feels in the morning. Haven't done it in a while though bc of my intense insomia, i just stay inside haha. But anyways, yeah i'm stoned as heck. Enjoying the night air! anyone else high?:smoke:
  14. Im not high even tho i wish i was. And my drunk is wearin off.
    Savin my dank for about 12 o clock 2ma aftrnoon gonna face a gram of it and get loaded loll
  15. Where in TN Swing?

    Pssh I haven't smoked in like 2 months haha. I took one hit yesterday but that doesn't count in my book.
  16. Lol Niceeee! :hello:

    well dude, that's awesome.
    I'm gonna have to go get some more tmrw.
    I'm gonna sneak and smoke some more outside! haha

    and why don't you smoke? job?:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  17. Yeah that and I just cant find any haha. Im not in school anymore so its really hard to find a connect :(
    Smoke a fat one for me haha.

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