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  1. I'm a veteran gardener, but just got aquainted with this forums existence yesterday. I was doing hydro in '82 and after a couple of hydro harvests I discovered Pro Mix and never looked back. I have taken a few years hiatus from growing and my how the technology has progressed!
    Although I have my halides and hps, I decided to go with the newer technology and I built a 20 bulb cfl fixture that should be putting out 32,000 lumens if the packaging information is accurate. In addition to this I have four "600w", one "1,500w" and one "2000w" led fixtures on 4 plants in two grow tents (two in each tent.) I have two 100w equivalent cfl's on each plant as supplemental side lighting.
    Back in the day, there was a hydroponic nutrient called Dr. Chatlier's and it was 8-8-20 and it was fantastic for my indica plants in veg and I also had good luck with Eco Grow 10-8-14. I am a strong believer in the benefits of having abundant potash in maintaining tight internodal spacing.
    At first I thought I was going to grow these 4 plants on Emerald Harvest, but the simplicity of using Jacks 12-15-30 throughout veg with cal mag and silica blast won out and I aim for a ph of about 6.5. I flush every feeding with about 15-20% runoff. I'm switching to bloom in a few days and will water flush with no fertilizer before switching to Jacks Blossom Booster 10-30-20. I have fans on my plants 24-7 along with vivosun carbon filter scrubbers in each tent and odor is under control. My plants are 1 GSC, two sisters of unknown pedigree and a cashmere. I have cloned all but the cashmere since I don't like its lanky branching.
    Anyway, it's great to be able to communicate with other cultivators. If anyone has any suggestions or questions, I'd love to hear back form someone.
    One last thing to all of you around the planet, I'm terribly sorry for Donald Trump. I didn't vote for him and I fear he is turning the US into 1930's Germany. I'm sorry so many of my countrymen are so intolerant.
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  2. High from the south
    Pro-mix is good shitte
  3. Welcome in or back as the case may be. :)
    CFLs don't have a lot of distance push. Up close for clones and early vegging they do well enough.
    Don't scrap your MH lights just yet.

    We try and keep the political stuff down in the basement as we have a dedicated forum just for that "stuff" I like the City to much and have to much time invested here to post much over there as it can turn into a shit show and people get hostile and the moderators have their work cut out at times cleaning it up. We try and keep the grow areas free of it and stick to discussion about the plant.


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  4. No need to be sorry for the greatest prez in decades but welcome to grass city buddy.
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  5. Welcome fellow southerner, the garden outside is baking in this heat. I didn’t vote that way either but we win some, lose some, and keep moving on. I look forward to your insights and I hope the 80s are over. We were growing in the woods as teens in 85 and they were some insane penalties, which haven’t changed, but it will.
  6. Curious how you're liking the vanderlife fixtures? Haven't seen anyone else running them

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