Hello from the seaside, Kent UK

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dualster, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Hello there everybody, looking for a nice chilled place to talk herb, gain knowledge and hopefully help someone along the way.
  2. Hi nice one. Ya av Come to rite place x
  3. totally the right place..... used to be Bromley in kent before moving oop norf.. welcome :)
  4. Thanks for the welcomes, looking good so far.
  5. Hi wassup. In the Dartford area of Kent so not far from ya. Welcome I'm new myself.
  6. Welcome! Pack a bowl or two and enjoy life!
    Cannabis people are nicest people! ;)
  7. I have always found so in the past :) not new to the scene, in fact bit of an old timer by most standards :) just been tempted away for a while laying all my eggs in one basket, a basket thats has done a disappearing act :( lol

    thanks for the Welcome :)
  8. No stress! People and society will disappoint you , but never the Holy Herb!
  9. I will give that an Amen :)
  10. Amen to that. Are you only a bud smoker or are you into hash also? High grade

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