Hello From Texas

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HeatherLeighTx, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone, Im from houston, but i just moved to nacogdoches, i dont have any connections here :[ so hows everyone doin?
  2. do you live in nac?
  3. I smell cop....
  4. "Do you live in nac?"

    Location: Arkansas

    if it's a cop, it's an exceptionally dumb cop
  5. If it's a cop...
    I hear they cant function if the scent of coffee isnt in the air.
  6. i got a friend up in nac.
  7. I got drugs in nac once.
  8. for one, im a girl, not an it.
    im not excptionally dumb
    and im not a cop :[

    i <3 pot
  9. yo sup i live in chireno
    need pot?
  10. Welcome Heather!:wave:

  11. I used to live in Texas when I was a kid

    I miss the heat

    Welcome to GC

  12. Lmao that goes for college students too...
  13. thread from the grave
  14. rofl, 2009. I fell for it

    It was a chick and I wanted to throw something in there, now I feel pretty stupid :D

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