Hello from Texas..

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Spherehead71, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Just saying hello. Long time smoker, first time grower. Loving all the useful info this forum has to offer. Looking forward to meeting fellow growers in the Houston area.

    Toke On!
  2. Nobody wants to say hi? Speaking of hi...:smoking:
  3. Wazup from Waco! Exactly the same here.
  4. Greetings from Denton. How far are you into your grow? Soil or hydro? Strain? Setup?

    I have 2 bagseed plants in soil under CFLs 25 days into flowering. I can't wait to reap the rewards.

    Welcome to the City. Use your time here to increase and share your knowledge.
  5. whatsup bro! and welcome.

    im from South Dallas, but ive been doing some work down in Houston lately.

    hope your grow goes well.


  6. Thanks for saying hi. I'm growing bagseed in soil using CFLs and FloraNova nutes. I have three plants and this is day 4 of flowering. My grow box is a small trunk. This is my first attempt at growing and I plan on building a bigger grow box after these are harvested. I'm also going to try LST on my next run.

    Cross your fingers for me, hope I get three bitches.
  7. How's it going 214. My best bud lives up in Frisco so I take the I-45 drive quite frequently.

    So far so good on the grow. Waiting for sex to show, cross your fingers for me.
  8. Wazzup Petho. How's the nug supply up in your area?
  9. Whats up, houston here as well. :)
  10. ...tomball area

    Pm if you wanna chill... as long as you arent too weird and dont smell like bacon

  11. Pretty good supply down here, I just started my first grow too. Using bucket bubblers with led panel. Learning as I go you know.
  12. yupp.
    I have taken many o' trips down I-45
    i like it when your driving down I-45 with low traffic but everyone wants to be a race car driver so you have a line of about 5 or 6 cars doing anywhere from 80-100 and the person in front in constantly changing becuase no one wants to pass a cop haulin ass haha.

    well, welcome again to GC and i hope you find everything you need here.
    *crosses fingers for the females*
  13. I dream of driving down I-45 with low traffic. :(

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