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    Man, I love this site. It's really helpful. I registered so I could ask some questions, but when I saw someone get called a pig because they asked a grow question with only 3 posts I figured I better post a little more first.

    Anyway, I'm a medicinal user from Southern California.

    I like amateur astronomy (i.e. I get high and watch 'Cosmos'). I love Jack Herer, the author and the herb. It's one of the few sativas that doesn't get to racy for me. I just started getting into the OGs out here also. I think Platinum OG is my favorite.

    Looking forward to my first grow soon, which is the main reason I opened my account here. Can't wait to start my journal. Much more secure than posting on most us boards.

    Pic of my Tahoe OG, the strongest hitting OG I've had. I can normally rip a whole bowl super smooth but this one kicks my ass every time. Wish I had had a better camera.

    Peace out my fellow potheads!

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