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  1. I'm an natural builder and forest farmer. I just moved to a new region of Oregon. We own six acres of land that is backed up by BLM(Bureau of Land Management) We want to grow our plants as companions to our other plants. I posted a thread asking what seeds do well in our zone a few days ago but got no reply. How does one get a response at least pointing me in the right direction. I looked at the list of seeds, but no reference is made to the best plants for a particular area of the country. Is this information available some where?

  2. Thanks for the response!

    Yes, definately outdoors. For medicinal purposes of course.

    I have neighbors to the north and south with 10 acres ea. The western boundry is Gov't. owned for recreational purposes. There is 80 acres that is accessed from their western most boundry. I would grow on my own land right along with my other plants. It is on a SE slope and gets lots of sun. There is also a green house, but no grow lights. I realize it's late to get something started, but for sure next growing season.

  3. Thanks!
    I can use all the help I can get.
    I have fibromyalgia and I'm like an old woman sometimes, but I have a 10 yr. old daugther who needs me. My mom and sister both have it too but take major narcotics for it and I don't want to live that way. I am finally leaving a job where I had random piss tests and could not have any dirty pee. Too much information? The job ends June 4th!!!

    Thanks again,


    ps, i think i'm the only one who uses their own name and it's unique, but i guess anyone reading this wouldn't have a problem.
  4. where abouts is redwood in oregon? duh, guess i could look at a map.

    i have some vacation coming up and i think we're going to drive down the coast again, like we did a couple of yrs ago. We drove from seattle to sonoma, then over to sacramento and then back onto the coast. Great ride.

    maybe i'll pinch a bud off your garden on the way through (jk) :)
  5. The Redwood Hwy runs from Cresent City CA to Grants Pass OR. It is where the Oregon Caves are located. Spectacular if you haven't been, you must go see the Caves. Once you leave Grants Pass, it's is very rural and unpolluted. The water is clean and there is diverse flora, and it's the gateway to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. We are new to the area and are building a cob/stacked cordwood home with a compost toilet and grey water system. There are lots of alternative people in the community. I highly recommend the drive though the Red Woods.

  6. very cool. thanks. haven't been out that way yet. We'll be looking for some property to buy within the nxt year or so, so we'll have to give that area some consideration, though my other half is pretty bent on living on the coast.

    Heard the caves were awesome, though also heard sasqwatch lives there. LOL ;)

    best of luck to ya.

  7. Wow sounds awesome, Sounds very similar to my ideal situation acreage- oregon growin the green. As for the ideal seeds, personally i would try some sativa plants and see how they fair but either way its going to be a learning expierience. :)

  8. I din't know Sasquach(SP?) was a neighbor. Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out .
    We do have a bear, fox, coyote, raccoon, deer, snakes, lizards, Steller's Jay, and Roufus Hummingbird clearly visible. My dog is going crazy trying to keep them all in line. The bear likes to get into things and threw her dog crate aroung one day. Before we had a cabin to stay in, it shredded our tent, sleeping bag, and air mattress.
    I grew up on the coast in Florence. We looked all over OR and this was one of the best places to buy land reasonable. The other was Wolf Crk. right by the Rouge River, just north of Grants Pass. We actually saw evidence on a piece that included a year round spring of someone guerilla growing there. This was 10 acres for $20,000. The area I just bought 6 acres for only $25.000. It's only 40 mi. to Cresent City and just a few more to Arcata. The broker at the Real Estate office loaned us the money without even doing a credit check. Banks don't like to loan on bare land without a septic and well approval, which is costly. I went to a natural building school in Coquille oregon called Cob Cottage. We are building our home for less than $5,000 and it's all earth freindly. I worked in a Real Estate Office in Florence and I can tell you that land is very spendy on the Coast, plus if you live close to the Ocean there is a lot of wind and fog. I still like to visit though. All my family including my 21 yr. old daughter live there.
  9. i to use my own name danene so i guess we both are different.my wife has fibromyalgia and the mighty smoke helps her more than anything a dr can give.i have grown all over the place from ky to australia and i dont believe that it makes to much difference what seeds you use
  10. i to use my own name danene so i guess we both are different.my wife has fibromyalgia and the mighty smoke helps her more than anything a dr can give.i have grown all over the place from ky to australia and i dont believe that it makes to much difference what seeds you use
  11. thanks for your reply!

    after looking at the online seedbank I was totally confused and started to glaze over with too much info. but no one mentions a zone!

    i have been an organic fruit/vegtable grower most of my life before they even called it that. am i giving away my age?
    the zone is always the first thing to consider when getting seeds.

    i guess i'm making it too complicated.
  12. Cool. maybe i'll pm you one day for info on your Real Estate Broker. I plan on leaving the corporate world in another 5 years and start up my own biz. husband can do what ever, he's pretty good that way. :)

  13. It's funny you say that. We had a 5 yr. plan too! But we started looking to see what was out there. We were going to just buy now, build a little and move when we paid it off in 5 yrs. But, we fell in love with the land and couldn't stand to leave every time we went down there. I'm going to a gathering Sat. given by the SISKIYOU FIELD INSTITUTE called "What It Means to Love a Place". Less than one yr. after we made our first payment we are there! What you put out there in the Universe comes to you. We said we would let the land speak to us when we looked and found our paradise. Then it told us to come home now and we will take care of each other. The land was damaged by logging, but certainly not clear cut. Lots of trees. shrubs and flowers, but also, erosion. There are Madrone, oak, chinkapin, fir, cedar, pine, manzanita, hazel, willow, maple, myrtle, dogwood.
    Somebody stop me!
    We hope to buy more land in the future just to stop it from being logged again.
    Live lightly on the land.

  14. that's exactly what we want to do. so right on!

    So, i guess i need to do some research on the 'gray water system" and compost toilet.. sounds much cheaper than going through the city/county.

    thanks for the ideas! maybe we're closer to it than we think!!


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