hello from pa

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jf1965, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. to think i found this site actually looking for cigeratte rolling machines. this is kool.
  2. Hiya! Pa!

    I found this site by typing in, the search stations, to see if i could get some Free Cannabis! LOL!

    Thought i might of got some!! :)

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  3. Welcome to the City!! :wave:
  4. Hey, I'm from PA too. Lancaster, though.

    Welcome to the city!
  5. Welcome to the city!

  6. yeah, and now that ya are here, ya find ya self not able to control not want'n to check back in.

  7. hi ya bud head. tennessee huh, spent some time there about 18 years ago. thanks for the welcome.

  8. thanks there hempress. quite a few pa'r here.

  9. thank ya.
  10. Welcome to the City!!! :D
  11. Hey, man! And, as everyone said above, welcome to the best little City in the world!

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