Hello from Orlando!

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  1. Good evening from rain-drenched Orlando, FL! Just found this site, and am really, really impressed with what I've seen. Me and my bf are looking to make like-minded, drama-free friends in the area ... so if you're local, say hi. :)

    Thanks! :wave:
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    Hey good to see that you found this site...
  3. Welcome to GC... you'll find lots of Florida tokers on here, I'm from the Tampa Bay area myself as well.
  4. you cool, mannnnnnnn????????????
  5. Of course I'm cool!! LOL

    I had been a member of Potspace for a while (saw a blurb for it in Rolling Stone and got all excited!), but this really seems like a better place for socializing. We lived in Deltona until earlier this year (and let me tell you, Deltona is the STICKS, man, compared to sunny Longwood!)

    Thanks for all of the greetings! Me and my man are looking forward to maybe getting to know some people in the area. We're a couple of chilled 'mos looking for some friends to smoke with and check out the area. We've not lived here very long, and we're dying to see the sights in Orlando.
  6. Hello, I used to be a FL toker, now moved up north to GA. Actually gonna be in Tampa next week on business though. Probably be bored out of my skulla t night. Anyplace fun to hang out at?

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