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Hello from northern vermont!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VERMONTSKUNK, May 11, 2011.

  1. Wanted to say hi to the city! I am kinda surprised it took me this long to find ya. Glad to be here and look forward to goodtimes!:wave:
  2. 802 REPRESENT

    how north are you?

    im in burlington, best place in the country
  3. In barre here if you want to hang out
  4. Never been to Vermont. Would like to go there. I saw some pictures from the landscape and I have to say, it looks amazing. The most beautiful landscape I've ever seen.
  5. How gangsta is Vermont anyway? (sarcasmos)
  6. Yeah I am down with hanging out with the right people. I am a 37 year old man, and an inactive vet i could care less about being "gansta". I am straight up to the point honest farmer looking to share my insight with some good people. In my opinion in vermont if you aint part of the solution your part of the problem! Hope everyone is enjoying our weather!
  7. Same here brother. I'm 43. NOrthern vermont. Just got my registry card and am starting with hydroponics. Im in CHittenden county u??? I have arthritis and was in the army in the 80's-- got out with depression-- I am getting into growing and have a hard time finding good seeds. I don't know about amsterdam websites-- it loks like a scam maybe??? Nice talking with u Vermontskunk---i'm johnnydouglas "doug"--I just want to smoke and be left alone with it to my god given rights and such. I have degenerative arthritis and anxiety and depression, my doc gave me the card for arthritis. NIce compassionate doctor--id say. Anyhow if you want to talk farming or get together let me know. I live in underhill. Get back with me if your interested in talking. Personally i like the nongansta and such myself and just want to get my weed cheap and be left alone with it--you know. I am a new grower and i think ill do well with hydroponics. I need good seeds. You hear about "medijuana" i hear it is the best, but sending 75 cash to europe sounds like a scam to me?? Get back to me if ur interested in talking or getting together.

    i was in reserves 86-88 barely remember much- medic--did ft jackson bootcamp sc
  8. cold as hell frind, vermont is cold

  9. do tell
  10. Hey! Jan. to april and sometimes Nov to may we have winter sports. Good warm weather july and august. Neg 20F is not unheard of. If you decide to come let me know and I'll get you a ton of information. Johnny ---Beautiful, mostly rural state--but not a lot of money here-- and outside of Burlington most things close early.
  11. hell yea! welcome man!
  12. I live in a pineapple under lake champlain! Yes, i grow urasian milfoil too! lmao, yes this crop is stellar! Where the hell are my Vermont growers?

  13. Hook it up!!!!!!! hahaha i am not currently growing :( although i will be starting a crop this oct/nov. i cant grow where i live right now but my lease ends late summer :)

    send some of your crop down here!!!!!
  14. Hello Vermonster!!! I live in Northern Vermont and just got into the Marijuana registy--which has now been opened up to anyone who has chronic pain--shoulders, arthritis, you name it, amoung other ailments. The state will soon open up weederies or dispenseries and they ned the numbers. The first few years were "getting feet wet" but now it sens they are opening it up like Colorado etc. If you have the card you can have 2 beasts and seven little ones-- prebud. Talk at me if you live up north-- love 2 hear from u. Johnnydouglas "doug"
  15. What up dudes, just went to good times today got a new bong :)
  16. Dont be a naughty out where the huskies go and dont you eat that yellow snow........and stay off meh garden ya hackers!
  17. Just got back from the mothers day bike ride my feet are killin me
  18. I'm here in Burlington, moved here from Georgia about a year ago. Place seems cool, but haven't found anyone that will even talk about weed or growing it (Probably doesn't help that I'm anti-social and spend most of my time playing video games) - and the medical laws (That I've read about) say only 1000 people can be on the list of accepted patients. Wish I knew more people around here.

  19. ***** you serious, everyone talks about it! Its like the number 1 topic for the state lol, and don't be antisocial just be yourself, what you afraid of anyways? But anyway ask a few people downtown, thats where you'll get some help

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