hello from nepal

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  1. Hey man, welcome to the city! :smoking:

    Always good to have more growers around. What kind of strains are you into, anyway? I hear there's some really good landrace genetics in your region.
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    its time for sativa now.. indicas r harvested during july.. but since i grow outdoors i cant never achieve a sensimilla coz a lot of wild weed grow in nepal too n my plants r already pollinated coz i see seeds.. but i will have so much out of 2 plants man i wanna harvest like 5 kilos.... n i dont really know what kinds of strains i grow. nepali strain that grow up to 15 feet n that will fetch me a lot of kaya. i just save seeds that i smoke. we dont have the luxury of goin on;line and buyin seeds u know.. we just grow what we smoke... i wish i can get a hold of them seeds that y'all grow man.. i wanna see how tall they will grow here in nepal...
  3. A lot of those breeders from online seedbanks take their genetics from the wild Nepalese plants. ;)
  4. yeah coz my plants although not a sensimilla looks so great, smells good.. n they r so huge.. i just want to try growin indoors r maybe a green house.. i wanna grow sensimilla in nepal.. haha the funny thing is i go to the country n talk to village marijuana farmers n they have no idea that males should be destroyed n they think there cant be ganja without seeds.

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