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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. Well I haven't been on in about a week... I went to a conference thingyon medicine. Well I'll tell u what it was quite gross- I got to watch live surgery and I did an extra pathology thingy afterwards. Well I gotta go now cos they got me intrigued in the possibility of writing something about RNAi- beleive me u'll be hearing a LOT about it soon if you haven't cos it's probably the biggest improvement in medicine thusfar... anyways I am thinking about writing a paper on it- just some Ideas, not how they could be done- which is simple science really... so anyways... I gtg do some RESEARCH!!! Au Revoir and MERY CHRISTMAS!!!
  2. HO HO HO!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, Switchy Boy!!!!!

    Have fun with that research, man...tell us about it later so we can know what the hell you're talking about! ;)

    I hope Santa is good to you. I tried to tell him that you really aren't a bad boy and that you are rarely ever naughty but he chuckled really loud and his belly shook like jelly. I don't think he bought it. I tried though! I luv ya, Switchy Boy!!!
  3. I'm a lil late but Merry Christmas anyway!!!!!!! I would have posted sooner but I have alot going through my lil head!!!! Hope you had a good one and santa was good to you. RMJL did put in an excellent word for you!!!!!!!!!

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