Hello from Mass!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm Greg, I turned 18 back in May, and have joined the United States Marines, but got in a little bit of trouble back in May, and now I have to wait for my probation to end in order to ship out :) But I leave on the 14th of January I found out two days ago. I'm excited because it's a break from my sluggish life right now. I didn't do so well in highschool so all my friends are in college, and I'm taking GED classes every day to start a life for myself. Then I'm off to the Military for 4 years to make some money and lets hope, not die. I have a loving girlfriend who is behind me 100% in what I do, so long as I'm honest with her, hey, sounds fair to me. So this military thing will help us start a life, she is in college, studying like crazy, and I'll be serving my country, then at the end of the four years who knows what will happen. I want to own a headshop, but I don't know :)
  2. Welcome to the City! :wave:

    I'd love to just work at a headshop, owning one would be sweeet :D

    Good luck with the Marines bro :smoke:

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