Hello from London!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hobx, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all, longtime stoner, just moved to london, imperial wharf aread. Thought I'd join to see if there are any likeminded folks around.

    Love the green, probably on the too much side lol. Currently going through a break for the first time in years, partly due to funds and lack of availability, partly due to a new career an the desire to experience other parts of life....

    However....I love the herb too much to ever say I'd quit forever :)

    Anyhoo, hi everyone. Good to be here!
  2. wassup mayn, happpy to see another londoner on here!

    Ah mayn I love the herb but can't let it take over me life ~:)
  3. Welcome to the city :smoke:
  4. Think it took over my life long ago lol. As I say, its nice being clean for the first time in a long while. Its taken two dreadful weeks but I think regular sleeping patterns are finally starting to sink in.

    Remembered my first dream in years today :-D

    Blimey....if an outsider this they might wonder why on earth anyone would smoke pot. But like all communities, can only admit the problems to other members lol :)

    Thanks for the welcome lads!

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