Hello, from Jersey City, NJ

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  1. Hello grasscity peps.
    I'm 29, bored in this city,
    came to this forum a while back, but mostly was for reading and clicking on deliciously looking pictures from growers and users. (and orgasmic keif pictures)

    I'm really new at smoking but I've learned allot from a friend, some even say I've learned in 6 months, what they learned in 20 years, so i guess thats a compliment.

    Just moved to a new location with better internet, and bored as hell while trying to work and save.

    wondering if anyone else lives in Jersey City and wanna have a smoke buddy, also hard to look for buds maybe some tips and tricks, and majority of my friends no longer smoke or don't even know, so its hard to know who smokes and who doesnt to make friends with...

    be nice if people had some little logo on them to know who smokes and who doesnt (i know its silly, but still would be nice to know who smokes, lol)

    anyways, i have to head out, thanks for reading, and love the forums <3

    :hello: cya

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