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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mdonegan, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I'm new here and would like to make a friend or two at least. Lived in Northern California for years and miss the relaxed vibe. Would like to meet like-minded people here.
  2. I'm from houston, too :) Away from home though for college (good because it's nice to be away from parents, bad because in my new town there is very little variety of food compared to Houston :( )

    Welcome to the city! :wave:
  3. im a native texan and a 30yr smoker and a grower. welcome 2 the great state of TEXAS. I like to tawk (tx language,lol.) cannabis.
  4. welcome to gc, what part of norcal were you from?
  5. Californias laws are much more appealing than the laws here in Tx. I am a native and proud texan but come on, get with the mainstream. Tx treats mj like a plague but drunk driving is a daily killer here. I drink, but would much rather be out of beer than cannabis. With the prehistoric laws here, I decided to grow discreetly in my condo via hydroponics. Now, I order the best strains in the world from the Netherlands and Holland deilivered to my door in a stealth type carton,its truly the best way and the new turn key systems I am trying are practically hands free and you harvest in about 65 days, then burn down like a disco inferno,lol. Grass here is mostly dank mexican dirtweed but their is some good stuff around,just hard to locate on a consisitent basis.
  6. Hey man. Welcome to the City!
  7. Hey hey hey,lol. i live out by Lake Conroe,you in the city of Houston,hope the reefer is better than here. bffl
  8. Cool to see more texans here! Welcome!
  9. getting ready to start my 1st hydro grow in June and am stoked,will try white widow and New York Power Diesel. I need short plants w/high THC due to my space confinement and being discreet. Once they flower,I will post pics and if all goes well,no more chasing it down. I am in Colorado alot with my kids and we had lived there for 10yrs and the law dogs up there don't really give a dam like they do here, but since I am a native texan I live here. Just wish we could legalize this remarkable plant before 2050,lol.
  10. i live in houston for school, i got to the university of houston. daily smoker
    stay blazed
    go coogs

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