Hello from Guangzhou (yes there is grass here too)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by east2westInc, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Hello guys/gals, new here. Seems real cool hope to contribute and learn.

  2. Welcome! I'd love to hear more about the weed culture in China. I was going to travel there this year, but my plans fell through... hopefully I'll make it there in the near future.

  3. To some it up, in large cities you can find it anywhere just see the africans. But weed=dirt, hash=ok
  4. Welcome to the city! Even though your whole persona is an advertisment...
  5. I don't follow you?
  6. Advertising is against forum rules. You link the smokeshop in your signature, in your avatar, and even your username is the name of the smokeshop. Do you see?

  7. Sig gone, but I like my avatar.
  8. Yeah, it is pretty sick. Anyway, what is marijuana culture like in China?

  9. It's pretty much confined to the foreigners here. Chinese are not so much into it, and really 90& of them have no idea what it is. I've fired up doobies before in public places, noone seems to mind, they all think it's some weird foreign tobacco....pretty cool.

    Although like I mentioned the herb is trash, but the hash is so-so.
  10. Thats really interesting.

    Weird foreign tobacco.....

    Welcome aboard!
  11. welcome*waves*
  12. Looks like you need to grow your own super dank then.

  13. Working on that but the herb here has seeds but they are not mature enought to start.:confused:
  14. Ni hao

    is that right? u should post some pics of ur bud/peices are there headshops there?
  15. bailz has some good info on the chinese and weed. .

  16. Ni Hao,

    Not really heap shops but I know some factory outlets with awesome stuff.

  17. Ni Hao,

    Not really head shops but I know some factory outlets with awesome stuff.
  18. It just doesnt seem worth it to me to be caught with marijuana in china.
    Better yet, any one seen the laws in Vietnam?
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