Hello from Germany

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ferdi, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone!
    i decided to join after spending HOURS and HOURS on these forums after getting stoned :smoking: i must say, its pretty fun. (im not high now though :( im in Bonn and its friggin dry)
    anyways, cheers!
  2. Welcome to The City, man. Cheers. :D :cool:
  3. thanks dude :)
  4. im currently living in germany too. in frankfurt...but iv been budless for 2 months =(
  5. Welcome to board! It is nice community for all and lot of newbie has joined so see another to look very incredible.
  6. @johnhood

    2 months is a long time! My stash ran out 2 months ago too, but I kept getting stuff from friends. Very small amounts everytime tho. What I finally did was go to Maastricht, Holland and smoked there. Transportation costs were €21 so I can't do it often. But its a definite reccommendation from me. That city redefines awesome
  7. yea i want to go to the neatherlands soon. i wanna find some budd though so i can smoke and build my tolerance back up before i go so i dont pass out and wake up 3 hours later naked.

    im new in germany and i havnt made any friends and such i live in an american "setttlement" i really dont know where to look or how to ask for marijuana out here. im used to being in the states having connects. im all on my own out here not knowing how to ask/find anything haha

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