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  1. Hey everyone! PurplePlane here. It's not my first time here but I'm definitely here to stay. I love mostly everybody here on GrassCity and although I'm not known around here I plan on helping a lot of people with whatever questions they may have about Marijuana and what it can do.
    If you don't live under a rock then you should know that Cannabis is now legal in CO for those 21 and older. It's friggin' AWESOME! Although I'm not 21, I am a medical marijuana patient and I'd love to talk with more MMJ patients across the country!
    Thanks for reading guys, Check out my Grow Journal under, "Indoor Grow Journals"
    PurplePlane, out. :)

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    I am a fellow under-21 Card holder in Colorado Springs, Nice to meet you!
    You should check the forums practically daily if you want to keep up with everything :)
    and Yes, I will necro this post.

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