Hello from Brazil !!!!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Smoke Machine, May 22, 2003.

  1. What's up ??
    I'm from Brazil and I hope to have good times here..and learn more about MARIJUANA
    That's all Folks.....
  2. Nice 2 see sum Latino folk here ;) Welcome 2 The City!!! Enjoy
  3. Welcome to the city my south american friend. :)

  4. wow..... all the way from brazil! holy shit! lol. i heard brazil is beautiful.. i have never been their though... anwways hope i see your brazilian ass in the forums !?!?
  5. hey man....are you from www.growroom.net too??? hehehe... I'm the "THC_Freedom" there...and u, who's you there??? I could talk in portuguese to you, but I think it wouldn't be a nice thing with the others users..... hehehehe...anyway, my english sucks.... hehehe

    falow awe mano, abraços, e vê se responde isso aki... E vamus apavorar esses gringos tudo aih..uauhauhauha... é noissssssss....

  6. Welome to the city.. Enjoy your stay!

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