Hello from Australia

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by willgc138, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    I'm at the Gold Coast, Australia... Planinng to take a trip to Amsterdam for the cup and well until the new year's :hello:
  2. Have just got back from Holland myself... My main stoner mate is Australian but lives here in UK lol... Welcome to the forums
  3. All the stories sound awesome..

    Look forward to meet everyone from all corners and enjoy the fine smokes :D
  4. welcome mate, im from sa. keep it green!
  5. Hey mate, I've spent some time in adelaide, good food, good wine and yeah, good bud
  6. your not kidding about the bud ;) always chronic headys. wait till you see the so called "schwag" they get in america lmao, if someone sold that here theyd get KTFO.
  7. um, we get more than schwag here in America (ever heard of medicinal marijuana?), but I'll just let that comment slide :wave:

    Welcome to GC
  8. i didnt say that was all you had, i just cant believe people sell it for the price that it is and the quality is so bad, your medical buds are some of the best though i must say.

  9. Yeah, I mean in Texas you can get LBs of the stuff for pretty cheap. If you can get an OZ for like $20 or less, that's not too bad. Lots of brownies and hash can be made with it.

    I'd love to come down south to smoke with you Aussies though.

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