Hello from Australia also new to growing.

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    Hey everyone, so I'm deciding to finally have a crack at growing but it will small operation because it'll be in a PC case, most people say it's a waste of time due to time/effort/the yield you get from it ( only going to be for personal use ). I don't have a lot of room to work with at my home plus got to be abit stealthy aswell. Managed to get some bud from a place called Nimbin 2 years ago and it came with some seeds ( kept the seeds in a cold area ) so i'm not entirely sure what sex they will produce, anyway i still have alot to learn and hope to get some feedback/advice from the wonderful cannabis community :) Also in the Australia region

    hope this is an okay introduction btw.
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  2. Haha....perfect intro.

    Nice to have ya! Lots of great people and info on here!!:passtheshit:
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  3. Welcome to a cool forum.
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    Ok so i consulted with my mum lol and she said its allgood to grow but just be safe about it. So since thats the case i had an idea of using the space where my clothes are...since its a much much bigger space than the PC case so was wondering how i would go about a wardrobe/closet grow setup relatively cheap-ish the measurements are 1.65ft Width x 5.6ft Height x 5.7ft Length also the interior is painted white already and has 2 opening doors can get pictures if needed to help. Any help would be greatly appreciated also
  5. Greetings.
    Another Aussie in, probably, one of the best forums for that ooohh wwweeeee sh*t..
    I'm win..sadly vaughan is a bad word in thailand...so just win..I'd lose in gambling so I don't.
  6. Welcome!
    Hope this helps you in some way my friend

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  7. What is your budget??

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