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  1. :D Hello! I'm just a bored stay at home mom who needs a new forum these days and GC looks pretty nice so far! So hello from little ol me! see you around!?[;
  2. Welcome to the city. 
  3. [: thank you.
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    Welcome, don't fuck it up and you'll be fine. haha.
  5. Managed to be a favorite on topix for some time (left on my own, got creepy and spammy), I can't imagine ill fuck up to bad over here. [;
  6. Welcome from a fellow garden state toker.
  7. [: Ty! Love to see others from nj!
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    welcome to GC
    goddamn you're sexy Brianna
  9. Haha, Thank you very much! [;
  10. Hey.. welcome I'm new too but I am from Jersey. This seems like a good forum no probs yet but it hasn't been to long so...?
  11. what up bangahoo. welcome. not currently but also from jersey here. Gloucester County :bongin: don't miss the traffic at all. lol
  12. Well welcome :) no problems for me yet :p I've only manage to encounter a couple beyond bored people, but the awesome ones make up for it :p
  13. Jersey traffic is the worst!
  14. Hey welcome to GC  :wave: I'm always stoked seeing other blades/bladies from NJ, def a few of us on here. 
  15. Oooh! Hi! Love jersey people! Haven't seen many.
  16. Jersey Strong..Jersey Proud... Not really.  Jersey has so many problems and the MMJ program here sucks so.  But we are a strong bunch
  17. :D yes, yes we are! Lol, gotta be right ;P freakin dirty jerzzz.
  18. No disrespect meant, but I'm curious so gotta ask a couple of questions.

    Do you guys have accents like the people from Jersey Shore? Also, are there actually people who are as stupid as the cast of that terrible show was?

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  19. Most of the cast of the Jersey Shore were from NY not NJ, I do notice when I say coffee it sounds like cawfee but that's about it. As for people being stupid I find that there are stupid idiots just about everywhere.
  20. Oh, I didn't know that. Really though I was just trying to express my extreme dislike of that terrible show. I didn't expect there to be any similarities haha. That's for sure though about idiots.. seems like there are more and more every day.

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