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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gag On Grass, May 15, 2006.

  1. How we all doin on our conquest for the perfect high, eh? ;) Anyway, i'm Rob from upstate NY, i'm not the most experienced person around, but i've been known to smoke pretty well for the standards in my town, anyway, movin to florida hopefully sometime soon and lookin to make some contacts from there ahead of time, so all friends are welcome. Anyway, see ya all in the forums. :wave:
  2. i'm in central florida, what part you movin to?
  3. Can't really help you on the contact part, but welcome to the city and I hope to enjoy some of your posts in the future. :wave: I'm from Ontario and its a shame that your so close to me now but are moving so far away, well I guess its not a shame considering you'll have 365 days of sunlight and heat.
  4. hopefully such weather should make things such as growing weed all the more easier ;)

    But, i'm not quite sure where in florida i'm movin either, but i believe somewhere near the west coast
  5. well i hear tampa has some damn good stuff. orlando has an atleast fairly constant flow of dank
  6. Whats up gag on grass? welcome to gc.Im from ny also .Have fun growing in flordia .Id love that warm weather all the time :)
  7. hey bagz, where at in ny you live? you know, i can still make some contacts in ny while i'm still here :p

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