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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by anzohaze, Jan 8, 2015.

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    I just wanted to introduce myself. I gave been growing organize for about 2 years still getting everything dialed in but it works great w only some problems. I came from another site (rollitup.) I have been invited and have heard what a great organic section yall have here so I hope to learn and join yall in this journey.
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  2. Hey Anzo! Glad to see you made it over to GC! Be sure to check out Blue's No-till thread! Buckle your seat belt though, it moves fast!
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  3. Whats up man I'll def check it out. Is a seat belt enough or do I need a 5 point harness
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  4. welcome aboard man!
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    Welcome to da city...
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    Five point harness may be in order once Blue and Coot get on a roll! ;)
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  7. good to see ya made it here, my friend, we're gonna have a revolution!
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  8. I am ready and hope I learn a ton more then what you (greasemonkeyman) and patta have helped me with. I am def ready to learn more and become a better farmer. Is there any other friends from other site here.
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  9. Hey there, Anzo'!  Welcome to GCO!  And welcome "home"...
    I'm signed up at RIU/LOS.  After only two weeks, I didn't spend any more time there.
    Too many dumbasses with attitudes...
    GCO, baby...  :metal:
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  10. waktoo
    I only lasted 20 minutes over there in a 'discussion' with SubPar which was intentional on my part. When he lost his marbles and left the overall flavor changed and it lost its vision and entertainment value.
    Just an opinion of course...
    TGA all the way! Hooyah!
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    I was there for like 2 years. I originally made a name hear and then friends kept saying riu so I stayed there for awhile learned a lot from good organic people there some which I followed here. There is a lot of b.s. and some funny stuff there but there is def a lot of beginners telling beginners bad info and etc as well.
    “You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think” - Dorothy Parker
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