Hello fellow humans :)

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  1. Hey guys,

    just joined today. just laid seeds in to coco mix today. just finished setting up my closet today. fucking excited right now :)

    can't wait to meet some other people here and share the journey!! been my dream for 15 years - finally happening!!

    set up is very very compact - hope it will work...

    4ft tall, 2ft wide, 1.4 ft deep.

    250 lamp

    good air circulation with 2 8 inch fans

    white widow (right size, good sativa/indica ratio)

    gonna try a SCROG set up.

    that's pretty much it :) :) any feedback and first timer tips will be highly appreciated!!

    Cheers y'all!
  2. all good man :) y'all chillin?
  3. <---computer based. All the same, Hello :)
  4. Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    May I suggest some "light reading" while you wait for your plants to grow? ;) Just click that first link in my sig and start reading! Cannabis is MUCH more than "just" a way to get high! :smoke:

    EDUCATE YOURSELF! :yay:(you know it's your favorite subject! lol! :bongin: )

    Granny :wave:
  5. thanks people!! nice and fuzzy feeling inside :) any feedback on my set up?
  6. Post it in the growers section! Im sure someone there will have some input :)
  7. Hey! who you callin a human?? :D

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