Hello Fellow Growers and Mods!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GanjaGod1, May 29, 2010.

  1. Hello fellow growers and Mods, im NOT new to all this, i'm just saying hello!

    i've been a grower for about 10 years now so i know most tricks these dayz, but i noticed over the years that theres always something new to learn about cultivation! lol, so i'll look forward to helping out with any advice that might be needed and i will also be looking out for some advice from you from time to time.

    thanks and i look forward to some good discussions!
  2. same here in Tx. My state,which I love, is so behind the times that I am starting to finally grow via a PC in my closet. Getting ready to get the widow strain and melt,lol. I may have some questions when I start in about 30 days. Getting my system from slsheds.com,completely turn key 2 plant system for my condo. If I could, I would grow outdoors,but cant do that. I have toked for 30 yrs now and finally woke up to growing and educating myself on various growing techniques. Welcome to GC and glad to be your friend,in cannabis we trust. BFFL

  3. thanks for the welcome m8 and best of luck starting your first grow, if i can help you with advice i will, just ask m8

  4. what about the suppliers and tokers :(

  5. you to!!:wave:

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