Hello Fellow Chrons

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  1. :wave:Hello Stoners!!! My first post....Just wait here let me roll one up and I'll continue writing when I'm high, It will be more interesting, Well for me anyway :smoking: right oonnnnn lets giver'.
    So im 21, reside in chilly Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. Im a respectable stoner, I dont get all giggly, Okay I do if somethings funny but definatly not over dramatic like some, I smoke, a lot. 5-6 joints a day its the fuckin life I tell ya. Well I dont know if any of you actually read these, HA i hope so or im talkin to myself *puff puff...dont even have to pass* How long have ya'll been smoking weed for?how often?
    Well I'm new to this so I'm going to continue smokin my sliff while i read other posts.
    Keep Puffin
  2. Hey whats up I'm Charles and I've been smoking for like 2 years now right after I got out of high school... Graduated and I went to this party and that was the first time I smoked. Now I smoke 2 bowls maybe 3 a day out of my bong But dam... I'm out right now and my friend keeps saying.. "Dude just quit" haha. Uhhh... I like to run, umm workout and I started doing "Tricking" (Basically gymnastics) But like the dangerous way I guess..

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