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  1. My name is Kitty! I'm 20 yrs young. I just signed up and figures this is a better place to introduce myself. I'm a very spiritual person. I pray to Mother Earth but am NOT Wiccan. I love nature, I respect animals more than most humans. I go to Photosynthesis festival every year in Randle, WA. It's a hippie rave. :) I'm a neo-hippie, but also a kandi kid. (PLUR) I live by PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) I've been smoking marijuana for a year now. I refer to it as Brobee, based on the kids show Yo Gabba Gabba the (lil green fuzzy one) lol!!!)

    So how is everyone doing?

    I just finished tokin a few bowls of purple kush with my new bong. (Glass on glass, pull carb with an ice catch) It's clear so I put a drop of food colouring or two in to make my water look pretty LOL. Today's colour: Orange!
  2. plus rep....(if i have any left i dunno).....:smoke:
  3. Huh? LMAO sry I must be too stoned to understand... LOL!!:hello:
  4. P.L.U.R.


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