Hello everyone =]

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  1. Hey Grasscity, seems like there's just about every topic on this site, so far it's been great, so much info on growing indoors which i love, I'm a koo 26 yr old who enjoys chatting it up with new people, many on here know each other pretty well so I hope to maybe develop a few online homies, anyways I'm glad to have found this place! =]
  2. Welcome to the forums :D

    Where do you live?
  3. welcome to the city
  4. Is someone cooking bacon?
    Because I would love some right now. :yummy:
  5. Frisco, you?
    Thanks BudButler
    Norway! Pretty far!
    How is life in Frisco?
  7. Its great, I wouldn't wanna live anywhere else... yeah you're pretty damn far lol
  8. +Rep
  9. Greets new one; I too am new and also a recent transplant from SF to Vegas....I still have schwag from The Green Cross. one of the first and best dispensaries I have used...anyways, Welkommen!
  10. From one busy city to another huh, i have yet to go to The Green Cross, I'll check it out soon enough, enjoy Vegas!
  11. Welcome :wave: it's a great community
  12. ?
  13. Let's have sexual intercourse on a washing machine.
  14. That'd be a damn good time ^
  15. Here is the number from a jar of Super Silver Haze..[​IMG]
  16. High! i mean Hi  :smoke: . Welcome to Grasscity!
  17. welcome to GC I went to school in SF long ago.

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  18. Hey buddy :)
  19. Hey what's up ;)

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