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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by purtysmokingurl, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Hello, I have been a smoker of cannibas for over 25 years... daily... however, recently I have been unable to locate my passion. I would like to hear if the Salvia is worth the purchase? Is the high similar or the same as cannibas?
  2. Hi, welcome to THE City...

    No, Salvia high is nothing like MJ, and to be honest? i don't think it's worth it! but i'm biased...
  3. Hi, thanks for the info..... well i didn't think that salvia was "just like mj" like the ads say.... glad i didnt waste my money on that... alas, i will continue my search!... so, by the way, what IS the salvia high like??
  4. i got no idea but i gonna try it sometime early next year... if u wanna wait till then to find out

    u know what i do wonder...well just started wondering 2 hrs ago, but cant find shit about it on the internet...

    is it possible to SSMOKE coffee... ie, make a mix of coffee, weed, and tabbacko...put it in a joint. and smoke it....now what would THAT be like?

    if u wanna exoeriance a new high withouth making too large an investment...ecept the weed for the joint ofcourse....i would suggest to try that

    lemme know
  5. I am fucking trashed! I don't think I can keep this together.....

    - Hard to keep up! -
  6. HAHA, well no I am certainly not interested in mixing anything with mj... what a waste.. i am just an old hippie that prefers plain mj...... was just wondering about salvia herb because a bill has been introduced in congress to make it illegal....
  7. hahaha petrified, when i read your post i almost bruised a rib... in my early days of blazin me and my friends once tried smoking coffee... just coffee.. straight.. ground coffee beans.. no high... and i dont recommend it
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  8. I vill luk in2 dat 4 shu... I'll be baack.

    Did I say...


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